November 14, 2009

The End Times

As we take a lesson from the fig tree, we learn that the changing seasons give us a way to understand the final destiny of creation. Follow this link for my homily for this weekend.


Qualis Rex said...

Father Charles, that was one GREAT homily. It's amazing to me that when you mention "end times" to Catholics and Orthodox, we get this nebulous, far off concept of a perfect world in the Kingdom of God that occurs with the coming of Christ. But when you talk about that among nearly every other sect, they shiver and can tell you exactly how horrible it will be, how our days are numbered, how so-and-so got the bible-code cracked to reveal the approximate decade it will occur etc. I cannot for the life of me ever understand how they can possibly think they know more than Jesus did when He walked the earth. Amazing.

ben in denver said...

St. Vincent Ferrer, Angel of the Apocalypse, pray for us!