November 3, 2009

Mass in the Friars' Cemetery

A group of us decided to offer one of the Masses of All Souls in the friars cemetery.

Here's Fr. Walter, 97 years old and still praying strong

Br. Michael proclaims the first reading.

The gifts are prepared.

Orate Fratres!

The Doxology

Special thanks to our photographer!


ben in denver said...

Nice black vestments!

We went to the Archdiocesan Cemetery after mass yesterday. They have a beautiful chapel there cantaing the tombs of Bishop Machebuef, Bishop Matz, Bishop Tihen, Archbishop Vehr, Archbishop Casey and Bishop Evans. Surrounding this chapel are the graves of hundends of priests and religious who have served in Denver for the past 150 years.

How I wished to have mass at the cemetery yesterday. God bless you for celebrating with the deceased yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Father Charles, you might want to consider whether to make this the first of an annual event: All Souls Day mass in the friars' cemetery. With some advance word, you would likely be able to increase the size of the congregation significantly. Also, I am sure that there are some lightweight portable altars that could be set up in the cemetery. Something to think about for next year.

Did you wear the black vestments for All Souls Day Mass in the Church?

Brother Charles said...


Thank you for your encouragement. We have a grotto of Our Lady out there that should be an altar, but it's not. There's also a memorial area that could serve well. But you are right, having tried this once, there is a lot more we could do having succeeded in a small way.


Qualis Rex said...

Father Charles - GREAT PICTURES!!! And I'm with anonymous; had I known and were it possible I'd be there in a heartbeat. And were you in Italy or Mexico, you'd have done well to bring lunch and a bottle of wine for after the mass to share with everyone around the gravesites of your loved ones : ) I'm glad you are not someone who finds cemeteries or gravesites "creepy". We all end up there and should be so lucky to have people remember us there.

4narnia said...

thanks for sharing this, Fr. C! nice vestments! wish i could have been there. PEACE! ~tara t~