November 18, 2009

Give Me a Double Share of Your Spirit

Today one of the brothers informs me that my favorite confrere I've never met, Br. Cesare Bonizzi, has given up his ministry as a heavy metal singer. He seems to think that his ministry is too divisive among the brothers; that his superior doesn't really approve (despite giving permission) and that the brothers don't like the noise. I can relate to that part. When I arrived in my current assignment, I was made to understand, in strong terms, that my neighbor didn't appreciate my listening to Black Sabbath's Master of Reality as a way to psych myself up for the 6:45 am Mass.

Well, good for him. We say that fraternity is our primary ministry and witness, so he's trying to be true to that.

But now the question this Providence inviting me to take up this ministry and become the rock and roller I've always dreamed of being? Shall I try to become the next Fratello Metallo?

Check him out and practice your Portuguese:


Warren said...

Now THAT is weird. You are of course familiar with Father Stan Fortuna, the rapper, also, I assume?

Metal rocks. Rap sucks. But Father Stan is still a cool guy, in my books.

I was into Christian Heavy Metal bands briefly, when I was in high-school. A friend of mine gave me some casette tapes of Bloodgood, Barren Cross, and a few others. A lot of the bands were Swedish, and sang in English but couldn't carry out an interview in English to save their lives.


Qualis Rex said...

Why am I totally not surprised he is from Milan?

Personally, I hate heavy metal with a passion some would say is even inexplicable (but I like some gustibus non est disputandum, Warren). The music itself is to me, non-music; Just noise. And the shouting at the top of the lungs is hardly singing, and to my ear, sounds Satanic. Sorry, it just does. Does this mean that if someone chants vespers in "Holy" Heavy Metal that they are Satanic? Nope. But since it is not part of our Christian tradition, I do question the sensibility of it.

Warren said...

I love it when someone says "De gustibus non est disputandum" but still has the moxy to admit that he's up for a little sermocinatio anyways.


Qualis Rex said...

Warren - my body mass is probably 65% moxy. But that's neither here nor there, since I think you misinterpret the Latin. It means taste in something cannot be disputed (i.e. mine is better than yours because...). It does not mean the subject cannot be discussed. I am not disputing your taste, or anyone who enjoys Heavy Metal. I am giving my opinion and sharing my particular taste, which includes a strong revulsion to it. FYI, this is coming from someone who sometimes enjoys 80's New Wave, bubble-gum Pop, Rap and even Euro-house...hardly high-brow by anyone's standards. One of my favorite types of music is samba/bossa-nova, but would I propose or recommend chanting vespers to it? No. Why? Ibid.

Kevin F said...

Master of Reality is fantastic. Children of the Grave has one of the best guitar riffs of all time. I used to listen to that while playing Dungeons and Dragons back a long time ago.

Brother Charles said...

Another soul who grew up on D&D!

Kevin F said...

Yep. I remember I got the set of AD&D books, which I would never have been able to afford, from a friend whose Baptist parents forbid him to play. He also gave me some Judas Priest albums (yep, actual LPs)

Good Times! For some reason I now imagine faux medieval-ism with a heavy metal soundtrack.

That might be why I was a bit disappointed that the Lord of the Rings movies didn't have a soundtrack by Judas Priest.