November 7, 2009


I had a hard time in my Sunday homily preparation this week. The gospel is Mark 12: 38-44, which includes an account of Jesus' praise of the widow who puts the two small coins into the Temple treasury. I know that I have a beautiful homily on this somewhere inside. Holy poverty, the need to come at each other with our vulnerability rather than our arrogance, what people in recovery sometimes call "leading with our weakness," all of these themes came to me as the spiritual ways we imitate the Incarnation of Christ and become Christ-ians to each other. But the homily, in concrete form, never seemed to materialize. If it comes by tomorrow I'll give it.

Until then, since we are finishing our several weeks of hearing from Hebrews in the second reading, I decided to prepare a homily on the good news of our sharing in the priesthood of Christ. Follow this link for my homily for this weekend.


carl said...

It's a bit late for this year, but in three years' time: What I got out of this in lectio divina was that the widow had a radical, total trust in God. It spoke to me because in this my first year of seminary, I'm still very pulled towards both the priesthood and marriage. A couple things happened last week that were pushing me more towards marriage, and then that reading came along. It was a very good reminder for me that I need to trust our God with my vocation just as much as the widow trusted him with her livelihood. Thanks, as always, for your blog, Father.

Tina aka Snupnjake said...

It will come. Have faith in the Holy Spirit. She's a little busy trying to inspire my dissertation ;)