March 20, 2009

Altar Cards

When I received my "kit" for the Extraordinary Form from the FSSP, it came with a set of altar card reproductions, "suitable for framing." So, when I got around to it, I took them to the local picture framer. They were ready today. The center card is a arranged little differently from the laminated center card that came with the kit, but I'm sure I'll get used to it:

Here's the Gospel side card:

And the Epistle side:

And here they are all together on Our Lady's little altar:

A visit to the local picture framer is one of those wonderfully multicultural experiences you can have living in the New York area. In a city founded by the Dutch, you walk into a bleak, industrial area built by Germans and made to flourish by the Irish, Polish, and Ukrainians. You walk into a warehouse studio where you encounter a Guatemalan eating Chinese food and say, "Buen provecho!"


Anonymous said...

They look great!

for narnia said...

these are really beautiful, Fr. C! thanks for sharing! PEACE!~tara t~

Anonymous said...

Hi Brother,

I am looking to give my Pastor, who is just learning the Extraordinary Form of the Mass, a set of Alter Cards. I just need the prints, as I am going to have them framed myself.

I noticed that you said you received your Alter Cards from the Fraternity. I visited their website only to find that they sell the travel size Alter Cards. Yours look as though they are full sized.

Please help :)

Brother Charles said...

Bummer, anonymous. Those very ones I just gave away. A simple search for "altar cards" brought up for me a number of vendors. Happy shopping, and thanks for being so good to your pastor!