March 14, 2009

On Our Behalf

Jesus saves us from our failure to keep God's Commandments and the inadequacy of our worship by borrowing our humanity and obediently offering the perfect sacrifice on our behalf. My homily for this weekend is posted here.

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4narnia said...

nice homily, Fr. C! i think the Psalm of this weeks' Mass puts the readings into perspective. if we really pray Psalm 19, particularly those verses indicated: 8,9,10,11; then we will see just how the law; precepts; and commands of the Lord apply to our daily living. also, if we follows God's Commandments, as it says in the Psalm, our souls will be refreshed; the Lord will give us wisdom and He will enlighten us. this is why, as you mention in your homily, Fr. C, the Mass and receving Jesus in the Holy Eucharist is so important-Jesus gives us the graces and strength to become more and more like Him. it's not always easy, though, and in our human weakness we often fall and fail, which is why regularly receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation is also a great spiritual help. throughout this Lent, there seems to be the theme of reconciling with God. i think God is telling us that there is always hope, never to give up and that it's never too late. PEACE! ~tara t~