March 29, 2009

What Liturgists Want

hodie liturgistas hoc petere, cras vero aliud velle.

"Today the liturgists ask for this, tomorrow they want something else."

--Canon Aimé Georges Martimort, from the work of the Consilium for the implementation of the liturgical reforms of Sacrosanctum concilium, quoted in Stanislaus Campbell, FSC, From Breviary to the Liturgy of the Hours: The Structural Reform of the Roman Office, 1964-1971.

Please, please...someone with better Latin than me explain the use of the infinitive here. Or is it an error?


GrandmaK said...

Archabbot Lambert Reilly, O.S.B. at Saint Meinrad Archabbey her in IN has written a book "Latin Saying for Spiritual Growth" and taught Latin in the seminary here. Maybe he could help with your question. I took two years of Latin 40+ years ago and have NO CLUE. Have a great week. Cathy

fr. Matt, OFM Conv. said...

What is the difference between a liturgist and a systematic theologian?

A liturgist doesn't care how many persons are in the blessed Trinity as long as everyone dresses the same...

petrinus said...

Martimort's comment must begin something like this:

Reformationem liturgicam impugnantes possent dicere hodie liturgistas, etc.

"Those who impugn the liturgical reform would be able to say that today the liturgists, etc."

This would account for the infinitive construction.

Brother Charles said...

Excellent! Thanks Petrinus. Thus is set up the indirect statement!