March 31, 2009

The Paschal Nightmares

I wake up with a start. It's 12:21 am and I realize that the time has come for that especially terrifying nocturnal visitation, the Paschal Triduum liturgy nightmare. No wonder I can't remember the Mass of the Lord's Supper the night before...Holy Thursday isn't until next week.

A few moments before, I'm dreaming and it's Good Friday afternoon. Charles, what do you mean you're not familiar with this specially adapted version of St. John's Passion? Haven't you been practicing? We're all ready to go. I can't find the prayers in the Sacramentary. And why can't I remember Holy Thursday Mass last night? You were there, Father. It was beautiful, as always, Father. It must be nerves. Am I going crazy? And why am I wearing this aquamarine chasuble? I need to go find something else. I just need to untie this other thing, whatever it is...oh no, stuck in another conversation on the way back. I still can't find the page. I make it back and I hear the intoning of the Gospel acclamation--they started without me. The pastor is going to be so mad at me. The kid working the fog machine shakes his head and I understand that I'm not to go out there now. It's too late. Panic. What is wrong with me that I can't remember Holy Thursday Mass last night?

And I wake up.


GrandmaK said...

Oh MY Goodness! Take a deep breath and thank God it's only a dream! Will be praying for you well in advance of next week! Cathy

phil said...

it's the clerical version of the dream you have in college where you have a final exam in a class you've never attended.

ben in denver said...

I will offer up some of my trials next week for you as well.

Please pray for me and my family if you would. We will be missing the Triduum liturgies this year.

We are expecting our 9th child (it looks like a daughter, we are planning on naming her Cristina) to be delivered this Thursday morning via c-section, and immediately following they will be doing a gall bladder removal on my wife. She is not expected to be discharged from the hospital until late in the day on Palm Sunday, so I will be on my own with the kids for mass. We will likely celebrate the events of the Triduum at home this year with some devotional prayer, and maybe a screening of Mel Gibson's passion with the older kids.

What is really awesome though is that we have scheduled the baptism for Easter Sunday!

Today will be the last day for a few weeks I will be checking your blog. This is certainly an interesting Passiontide.

Brother Charles said...


Be assured of my prayers for Cristina, your wife, and everyone this Passiontide.

4narnia said...

what a dream, Fr. C! it is only a dream, so as Cathy said, "take a deep breath" and relax. the triduum liturgies will go well next week-i'm planning on attending all of them there at SH, so i'll be praying for you and with you, too! also, to Ben: i will keep your intentions in my prayers for a safe delivery of your next child, Christina and for your wife, too, and for everyone! PEACE! ~tara t~