March 7, 2009

His Suffering is our Glorification

The Lord's Transfiguration reveals the destiny and hope of a glorified humanity, accomplished through Jesus' Passion and death. My homily for this weekend is posted here.


for narnia said...

nice homily, Fr. C! having served at four feneral Masses and attended one in the past two days, i couldn't help but think about the Passion, death and Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus, particularly now during Lent. there was certainly plenty of time to reflect on how loving and forgiving God really IS! Abraham's love for God is found in his determination not to spare his own son; God's love for us is proven in the sacrifice of His Divine Son on the cross. if we keep in mind that we are all created in love and for love and then try to respond faithfully to that love, then God's divine glory might radiate and shine through us as we go out into the world to share this GOOD NEWS! PEACE ~tara t~

Anonymous said...

El amor que Abrán demostró por Dios al estar dispuesto a sacrificar a su propio hijo es sobrenatural. Conque nosotros demostraramos la tercera parte ya me daria por contenta. Saludos desde Vigo (España, cerquita de la frontera portuguesa)soy una asidua de los Padres Capuchinos de mi parroquia y seguidora del blog que ellos tienen aqui NÎ HÂO

Brother Charles said...

Much gusto de concerlo, y gracias por su saludo de Vigo! Pax y bien y que Dios te bendiga.

Anonymous said...

No me imaginaba que me respondería. Muchas gracias. cuando temga más tiempo intentaré escribir en inglés. Bless you.NÎ HÂO. This is my nick

Anonymous said...

I have a theological question about the transfiguration.

My understanding is that prior to the harrowing of Hell, Moses and Elijah would have been in the Limbo of the Fathers.

Did they have to go back there after the transfiguration and wait for Holy Saturday?

That would make for a long Lent.