March 19, 2009

This is a Big Mistake

I know that I have edged more towards the conservative and traditionalist over the years, but in my best reflection this has seemed to be a responsible discernment driven by my own theological education and experience of religious life. But may it never be said that I was unwilling to say something against the Holy See:

Adjusting the transcript of the Holy Father's recent remarks--as legitimate as it might be to help us to understand his meaning--is to me a serious mistake that will further distract the world (in its misunderstanding of our Catholic belief) from the real presenting question of how we are to begin to assist in the healing of the African continent and repent of our structural and historical sins against her people.

Check out the trouble here.


ben in denver said...

If understand you correctly, your cirticism is of the Holy See's press office, and not of the Holy Father?

Brother Charles said...

Yes, that is the direction of my criticism.