June 22, 2009

Email from the General Curia

This is too cool. This morning I have an email from the general curia of our Order, acknowledging my suggestions for the current revision of our Constitutions.

Dear br. Charles (PR Neoeboracensis et Novae Angliae),

We have received your suggestions about Chapter III (n. 52,1; nn. 50-51), that will be transmitted to the members of the Commission, in order to be evaluated.

Yours fraternally,

Officium Secretariatus Commissionis Constitutionum

Curia generalis OFMCap

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Paul Zalonski said...

The usage of Christ as spokesman is more akin to a government or a business jargon than to theology and religious life. Good recommendation for review. Context is text and the Curia ought to have seen this before now, but other eyes can point out items for discussion/redaction. In the legal world there is the saying: Optimus interpres rerum usus. Usage is the best interpreter of things. If you wanted to apply this here may be one could say that Christ interprets our humanity and the vowed life to which we professed; it He who gives us meaning not vice versa.