June 25, 2009

No New Dictionary For Me Today

One of the friars re-gifted to me a Barnes & Noble gift certificate for $50. Woo hoo, I said, and realizing today that I had enough in my bn.com "basket," I went to redeem it. Having put in the codes a few times without success, I examined the certificate more closely.

"Gift Cert Issued 12-11-98"

According to their gift certificate depreciation policy, it's now worth negative $112.

"Perfect joy," as we Franciscans say! Thanks, brother!


kam said...


Unknown said...

sorry to ask, but i cannot find the donate now button.

Matthew Ignatius said...

Maybe the laws are different up here but - baring some exceptions - generally gift cards/certificates retain their value, even over long periods of time, without detriment to the holder. I've used cards/certificates years after they were given to me and they still had the same value. I guess it's a different story after 11 years.

Brother Charles said...

I agree with you, Matt. This is quite unjust. But the fine print on this thing says clearly that after 18 months from issue, it depreciates by a dollar and half a month.

Unknown said...

okay, so let's say we having a driving need to buy some, lets say vestments. And some Friar says he needs some. How do we get these funds to said Friar?

pennyante said...

If you hold on to it long enough, maybe you can put the gift card on Ebay and sell it for paper ephemera!! (chuckle)

Brother Charles said...

LM: Following the Rule, the canonical method would be to give the funds to the friar's guardian (superior) and ask that they be a "designated alms" for the disposition you describe to him. In other words, a donation for the specific purpose you intend.

pennyante: I should have thought of that before I went and folded and mutilated it. (I don't have a spindle.)

Unknown said...


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for narnia said...

hi Fr. C!
hope you were able to use the Barnes & Noble card i gave you for Easter. PEACE!