June 20, 2009

I Feel So Empowered...

The Capuchin Order is in the midst of a revision of its Constitutions. As the proposed revisions appear, all of the brothers are invited to offer alternatives for the review of the commission.

Today I offered my first. In the prayer chapter, Christ is identified as our interpres, which was translated into English as "spokesman." I suggested that a more Biblical or traditional word might serve better, perhaps "mediator" or "advocate."


pennyante said...

I had to come back to this entry because I am chuckling about translations. I would bet that the ICEL (?) translations would have thrown out "mediator" and "advocate" and used "spokesman"!!!

(BIG grin)

Please take this in the spirit it was written! :)

AAA said...

Great suggestion! I cannot even imagine why Christ became a spokeperson?