June 19, 2009

Sacred Heart

I doubt that anyone goes through this life without some heartbreak. For some the ordinary experience of the broken hearts of life seems to close them up in bitterness, while for others it helps them to learn to be gentle with the hearts of others. I don't know what makes for the difference, but whether our own pain closes off our hearts or opens them up to the pain of others--to com-passion--is the distinction between lives that come to be configured to the Passion of Christ and lives that are thrown away in unhappiness and sin.

To me this is the mystery of the Sacred Heart. Christ crucified is the broken heart of God, but on the Cross the Sacred Heart is broken open so that the divine compassion flows out--the water and blood that becomes for us the saving and refreshing stream of Baptism and Eucharist.

To receive these mysteries gratefully is to learn to imitate them, and to let our own hearts break open into compassion.

Cor Jesu Sacratissimum, Miserere Nobis.


Unknown said...

As always, it is good post. Thank you. You make a difference. and since I do not know when I will see you again in Z-chat and do nothave your email address. Happy Year of Priests!

for narnia said...

happy feast of the Sacred Heart, Fr. C! the feast of the Sacred Heart is one of my favorite feast days. i've had s devotion since i was seven years old. you bring up a good point about whether our hearts become closed or more open when we experience heartbreak. for me personally, having a devotion and a feeling of warmth and closeness to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, my heart has remained open throughout the difficulties of life and i feel that if we have the faith, wisdom and understanding that only God can give, then we, too, can be as compassionate as Jesus. the simple, yet pretty powerful prayer that i pray daily really says alot part of the prayer says that Jesus is the "fountain of every blessing," the prayer also speaks of having adoration and love for Jesus and also of having true sorrow for our sins and how we should offer ourselves - offer our entire being-heart, mind and soul - totally and fully to Jesus. if we can at least do this and if we have a deep faith and trust in God, then our hearts will always remain open - even through the trials of life-no matter how big or small. i feel that the closer we get to God and the more we grow in our faith, the more the Sacred Heart of Jesus will bless us. i truly believe that Jesus is the "fountain of every blessing," just as it says in the prayer that i've been praying every morning since age seven. may the Sacred Heart of Jesus bless everyone! PEACE! ~tara t~