June 26, 2009

Wedding Rosary

For this afternoon's wedding, the bride had her rosary wrapped around her left hand the whole time. I had never seen that before, but I thought it was a touching way to seek Mary's intercession on wedding day.

Perhaps this is a local or ethnic custom that I had not seen before?


A Bit of the Blarney said...

My mother told me she carried her Rosary, too. Perhaps, this is a tradition that is returning. Thank you! Cathy

Unknown said...

That is wonderful. I hope you continue the confession series, but maybe a few articles about the perils and goodness of protestant-catholic marriages. I truly thought I would never find a Catholic to marry. My own poor discernment and lack of encouragement lead me to believe I should marry instead of becoming a priest. (regret) But because of my wonderful marriage I am starting to know what I should have known!

Julia said...

What a beautiful statement that young woman was making. I pray that Mary watches over their marriage.

I wonder if she is someone who always keeps her rosary near to her hand (like in a pocket). If so, I get how naked and insecure she would feel without it, especially at such an important moment.

A Secular Franciscan said...

Nice. I have never seen that before.

I wonder if she and her new husband later said a rosary together on their wedding night. Wouldn't that be a wonderful way to begin their married life!

Jeanne said...

I remember seeing some Latina brides with rosaries. It was also common when I made my first communion umpteen years ago for girls to have a choice of carrying a rosary, prayer book or flowers.

Searching for His truth said...

Sometime during my reconversion, or whatever you might call it, I started having the desire to hold onto my beads. I wrap them around my left hand and carry them through every mass I ever attend. I have felt Mary our Mother asking me to hold her beads more. I never am without them axcept when I am in the shower or swimming in the ocean. I awoke just the other morning with this thought and had to share it with a priest I know. I want to share it with you.
"In our world we are influenced by many things. Fashion or trends being some of them. I myself am often caught up in the struggle of how I love beautiful clothes, beautiful things. We are asked to leave all of that and trust that God will cloth us with His beauty.
In our culture we learn to carry a chain attached to our belt that will hold or secure our wallet safely in our pocket. It is a statement. We are outwardly binding our money to ourselves. I pictured in my mind the fact that rosary beads are also a chain. They are a sign binding our lives our families and our world to Jesus, his life. They are here to allow through the intercession of Our Mother, every person to be brought into that story of Christ's life. When did this fall out of fashion? I see some priest wear them, but not many. I know Our Mother was given to us as the ultimate monstrance. She carried and still carries Jesus into our lives every day. I feel somehow she is asking me to help her. She has shown me this Father. She has placed His limp body in my arms. That is why I always carry her beads. I sleep with them in my hand.
I felt this and just wanted to pass it on" as I said I just woke to this thought yesterday. then I red your blog. She is calling us to follow Him outwardly. Maybe one at a time it will happen.