June 5, 2009

RIP: Fr. Owen Shelley, OFM Cap.

Tonight, at home in the friary, our Capuchin brother Fr. Owen left this world.

Fr. Owen was invested in the Capuchin habit on August 26, 1937. That's over 70 years of religious life. He professed his perpetual vows on August 29, 1941 and was ordained priest on May 16, 1945.

Fr. Owen's last illness was particularly long and difficult. Please pray for his peace and his speedy arrival at the everlasting joy of the New Jerusalem.

Requiescat in pace.


Don said...

I will do!

Brother Charles said...

Thanks, Don. And I hope you're well too this Spring. Peace.

for narnia said...

He's in my prayers, Fr. C, as are all of you! PEACE! ~tara t~

Anonymous said...

my prayers and sorrow are with the family of fr. owen, he was a beloved pastor and third order mentor. he directed the repainting and beautification of st. michael's church as also the restoration of the magnifficent organ therein.

may he enjoy the eternal joy of heaven and look down upon us with love.

John Garvey said...

Father Owen was a good friend of my parents and their friends. I have great memories of him when I was growing up. We just found out he passed. He used to love to tease my brother David (the trouble maker). I understand from my parents that he started the chapel in downtown Springfield MA. My company is going to make a donation in his honor - to pay for pajamas for homesless who the Chapel helps care for. Great memories - great individual - he will be missed. John Garvey, jgarvey@askmydog.com

Brother Charles said...

That sounds like a beautiful kind of memorial gift, John.